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Arrows of Light

Arrows of Light
Steven Charleston
ISBN 978-0-9851419-7-4
176 pages

Available in print book and e-book:

If you would like to read examples of the kinds of meditations you will find in HOPE AS OLD AS FIRE, CLOUD WALKING, CLIMBING STAIRS OF SUNLIGHT, ARROWS OF LIGHT, and TURN TO THE WILD WIND please join the author, Steven Charleston, in his Facebook community. He began writing a daily meditation five years ago and they are the source for his best selling books.


ARROWS OF LIGHT is a collection of the daily meditations written by Steven Charleston though the year 2014. This volume now joins three other collections of his work that have been responses to the requests of thousands of readers around the world to read more. When he posted his daily reflections on Facebook in 2011, people began discovering them. One by one, these people came from all walks of life, from all faith traditions, and developed into a community. That community embodies a vision of how people can share in a spiritual journey together despite their many differences.

As a spiritual diary, ARROWS OF LIGHT, offers you a chance to use these meditations over and over again. Many people keep a copy of one (or all) of his books near them to refer to when they are in a time of prayer or contemplation. The meditations speak to all of the levels and challenges of human experience. They help us to think more deeply about what we all felt or understood at some point in our lives.

ARROWS OF LIGHT will be a source of support and encouragement for you. It can also do the same thing for other members of your family, or your community of faith, or even close friends. Please share this gift with others. Let the light of these hopeful messages spread, offering healing and hope to as many people as you can.

Excerpt from Arrows of Light:

"Like a beam of sunlight the energy of the Spirit can come to you, warm you and renew you, enlighten your mind with brighter visions for your future, bring you to life, lift you out of the shadows and give you strength to take the next step. Turn to face the sun. Do not look down into the same swirl of dark water that has captured your imagination for too long, but look up to see possibilities grow around you like a field of flowers. Even if your movement is limited, your mind can fly to any corner of reality. You are free, like sunlight, set free by the gift of the Spirit, touched by the mind that first dreamed when all the world still slept, made of grace and wonder." 5/9/14

"With God, there are no deadlines, for that I am very grateful. We live in a world of time limits, limited offers, expiration dates, cut off points. And yet, our lives rarely work that way. They are not always so neat and tidy, running by the precision of a stop watch. Things come up, things change. We get distracted by other needs, called away suddenly to take care of other business. And truthfully, we sometimes put things off, afraid to face them, living in denial. The wonderful grace of God is that there is always an eleventh hour for mercy. Forgiveness is available long past the date when we should have asked for it. God's love is open all night." 10/1/14

"Bishop Steven Charleston is a voice of hope for our times. I pray many will listen to that voice in this collection of his writings."
- Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"Poet and prophet both, Charleston will draw you into unimagined ways of seeing, and nudge you into nearness with earth and spirit alike. Beware the reading, you will be transformed!"
- The Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church