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Bishop of Mars by Steven Charleston

Bishop of Mars
Steven Charleston
ISBN 978-0-9851419-3-6
223 pages

Available in print book and e-book:

The Bishop of Mars is the first book in the Martian Trilogy by Steven Charleston. The novels are what he calls "spiritual science fiction". They are inter-related novels of people from all traditions who live and work together through extraordinary circumstances. If you are someone, or if you know someone, who enjoys spirituality delivered in story form, these are the books for you.

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Book Signing at St. Paul's Cathedral


December began with a festive book signing for Steven at St. Paul's Cathedral. Scores of people came to buy Red Moon Publications books for Christmas gifts! Many also had Steven sign his books for them. Thank you to everyone who came to this special event! It was a wonderful way to begin the Advent season.

Excerpt from The Bishop of Mars:

I have been in dangerous places before, but they were always familiar places. Stairways and alleyways. City streets and transit tunnels. But never outside in a place like this. Never in an empty world. As the stars filled the sky that emptiness swallowed me. I could not see the ground before me. I began to shiver. Blindly, I pulled myself over and around rocks, cutting my hands. Where was I going anyway? I had no idea. Out. Away. Anywhere. I was just moving along the track of pain, willing myself to keep moving. Finally my hand slipped on a large rock and I fell forward against it, scraping the side of my face. I lay on the icy desert floor, breathing. Just breathing. That was about all I had left. Breathing fast. Breathing shallow. Breathing against the cold and the numbness. I closed my eyes. I could see my small ComCom sitting on the kitchen table. Too bad he left it. What an idiot. Went out into the desert alone. Didn’t tell anyone where he was going. Drove into a sand trap. What an idiot. What did he go out into the wilderness to see? No one would ever know.


THE BISHOP OF MARS is Steven Charleston's new novel. If you are wondering what this amazing adventure is all about, here is a brief glimpse into our future, a future where faith will make all the difference in the world, even if that world is Mars!

"The year is 2475 AD (After Drought). Florida is a series of islands. The Mediterranean is a salt flat. Russia and China are global empires while North America is run by an organized crime government simply called The Vegas. The only peaceful place left is on Mars where a new world is growing. Stepping out onto this world is an ex-drug addict who is the new Bishop of Mars. He is a broken man with a hopeful vision. With a handful of misfit friends he is about to try to save his new home from destruction, if he can live long enough, and if what he discovers can change human history forever."

It is a humorous, compelling, mystical story of one man's journey in a time and place far from our reality, but strangely familiar to each of our lives. In THE BISHOP OF MARS you will meet an unforgettable cast of characters who find a place to make their stand for what they believe against a great threat to their world. You will experience faith through the eyes of their longing, their loss, and their love.

THE BISHOP OF MARS is a book that you will want to share with others. It is a gift of insight and profound spiritual reflection, all within an adventure that will keep you turning the pages to the very end.

Steven's new novel, THE BISHOP OF MARS, is an invitation into the future of faith. It tells the story of a man who is redeemed from a troubled past to find his calling in the one place he would least have expected it.

THE BISHOP OF MARS humorous, honest, heart-felt story that will introduce you to a host of characters whose lives will seem very familiar to you, even though they are lived out in a world beyond our imagination.

If you are on a faith journey, let it take you to THE BISHOP OF MARS. If you know the church, you will know this world and these people. And if you have friends who love a good read and would be delighted to glimpse where our own history may be taking us: give them the gift of THE BISHOP OF MARS.

This is a book that will surprise you, uplift you, and give you hope.