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Climbing Stairs of Sunlight by Steven Charleston

Climbing Stairs of Sunlight
Steven Charleston
ISBN  978-0-9851419-6-7 
176 pages

Available in print book and e-book:

If you would like to read examples of the kinds of meditations you will find in HOPE AS OLD AS FIRE, CLOUD WALKING, CLIMBING STAIRS OF SUNLIGHT, ARROWS OF LIGHT, and TURN TO THE WILD WIND, SANCTUARY OF THE SPIRIT please join the author, Steven Charleston, in his Facebook community. He began writing a daily meditation five years ago and they are the source for his best selling books.

"CLIMBING STAIRS OF SUNLIGHT is part of an international phenomenon. In 2014, the General Theological Seminary in New York City, the oldest Episcopal theological school in the United States, recognized this phenomenon when it invited Steven Charleston to deliver a lecture on spirituality in the digital age. The purpose of the lecture was to describe how and why a daily meditation of only a few words posted every morning on Facebook has succeeded in gathering a global community of thousands of people from every religious tradition."

Excerpt from Climbing Stairs of Sunlight:

"Still your spirit, breathe in slowly, close your eyes, drift on the river that gave you life. Be at peace. Let every room within your soul be hushed, quiet in mind and body, with only the breeze of a passing angel to move the curtains beside open windows. Your world is at rest now, its sounds subdued, its anxious pace halted, the very heart-rate of life allowed to find its ancient rhythm, resting deeply in the old places where no worry can find you. Still your spirit, for in the end, when all is said and done, this gentle space is your beginning and will your birthright be. "


Steven Charleston’s books of meditations have become something of a global phenomenon. They come from the daily writings he does each day for the thousands of people who follow him on Facebook. As members of this growing community share his words with others, his messages reach out to countless numbers of people from every spiritual tradition and from every culture. They speak a universal language of hope and healing. They are bringing people together in an age when community is needed more than ever before.

CLIMBING STAIRS OF SUNLIGHT collects all of the meditations Steven wrote spontaneously during his early morning devotions in the year 2013. They are meant for people of all walks of life, but you will be surprised at how they seem to be speaking just to you. This is a book you will want to keep…and to give.