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The Madonna of Mars by Steven Charleston

Steven Charleston
ISBN 978-0-9987540-3-1
160 pages

Available in print book and e-book:

JUST IN TIME is a working tool for any person of faith to use in self-reflection. First, it offers a glossary of spiritual meditations that can provide a focal point for deeper contemplation. Secondly, it provides a “book of hours”, a series of prayers, that can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. This is a book you will want to keep near you and use over and over again through all of the “times” of your life. And to make that even easier, JUST IN TIME comes in a new’ slimmer style than any other book we have published. It is smaller by design…a perfect fit for your purse or coat pocket so you can take anywhere you go!

JUST IN TIME is speaks to you personally and it lifts up the realities of your life: the times when you are worried and the times when you feel at peace, the times when you are searching for answers and the times when you are in need of help. This book is for people of all spiritual walks of life. It uses language and images that are welcoming to people of all religious traditions.

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Excerpt from JUST IN TIME:


Here is a strange thought: what you believe is not as important as knowing how you came to believe it. In other words, the process that creates a belief is more critical that the product of the process itself. What we believe is exactly this kind of constant process. It starts with simple information. How accurate that information is we judge according to how much we trust the source. We test what we have been told against our own experience. Is it true? Is it reliable? The only way we know is through critical reflection. If we cannot question what we believe then the process stops. Believing is not being the curator of a museum, but being the artist who creates the painting.