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The Madonna of Mars by Steven Charleston

The Madonna of Mars
Steven Charleston
ISBN 978-0-9987540-1-7
205 pages

Available in print book and e-book:

The Madonna of Mars is the final book in the Martian Trilogy by Steven Charleston. The novels are what he calls "spiritual science fiction". They are inter-related novels of people from all traditions who live and work together through extraordinary circumstances. If you are someone, or if you know someone, who enjoys spirituality delivered in story form, these are the books for you.

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Excerpt from The Madonna of Mars:

What had just happened? What had he done?
“I said, I love you,” he thought, “I said it right out loud.”
Clare’s kiss was not the peck on the cheek of an old friend. Her own use of those three words…I love you…was more than a disembodied expression of her feelings, as if she loved him just as she loved all of humanity. No, this was a different kind of “I love you.” This was the real “I love you.” The deep “I love you.”
“She kissed me. It was a real kiss. Not the Aunt Betty kiss, but a real kiss,” he thought.
Tony suddenly felt like running. Running somewhere…anywhere…just running. He forced himself to slow down. He tried to get control of his breathing.
“But what’s wrong with that?” he thought. “I do love Clare. I have always loved Clare.”
Yes, but that was the other Clare. The big, giant-sized Clare. The Clare with bright yellow eyes…not soft green eyes…the Clare who could bench press more than he could even lift…the Clare who picked him up like a rag doll off the streets and carried him over her shoulder…the Clare who was in charge of the whole church…not this Clare…not the one who had just kissed him…really kissed him.
Bishop Tony was nearing his own neighborhood. His mind was still spinning from thought to thought. He could not go home yet. He could not walk back into the house where Alima was waiting for him. He was too confused…too uncertain…too… what?...guilty?
He sat down on a bench in the small public park near his house. He was avoiding going home. Avoiding seeing Alima.
Why? His mind raced on.
Yes, he and Alima were close. Yes, they were friends. Yes, she had kissed him too. But that was a different kind of kiss…a quick kiss…given in a moment of emotion when he was being arrested.
“And given by someone who loves you,” he thought, “loves you enough to risk her life for you. Loves you enough to stand by you.”
Tony looked toward his house.
He could not see his garden dome from where he sat in the park, but he could imagine Alima sitting there with Ai. He could visualize her waiting so patiently for him to return. Did she have any idea of what he had been doing with Clare? Did she suspect that his heart might be in two places at once?


The third and final book in the Mars trilogy, THE MADONNA OF MARS is an intricate drama of human relationships intertwined against the backdrop of war and alien invasion. Bishop Tony struggles to reconcile his feelings for the two women who have changed his life. What he doesn't know, however, is that one of those women holds a secret that will alter human life forever. In the meantime, Dr. Wu rediscovers someone he betrayed long ago, someone he has loved his whole life, even though at the moment of their reunion his life may be over.

While these men and women seek to understand the power of love, other forces are overwhelming their planet. An invasion by Earth rains down death and destruction from above, while beneath the surface of Mars an ominous countdown to the return of alien beings reaches its climax. Caught between two cosmic forces, the people of Mars are left only with the power of hope to save themselves, and perhaps, to save the human race as well.

Steven's Mars trilogy is more than science fiction. It is spirituality brought to life in unforgettable characters living in the future we are creating for ourselves today. The deep themes of faith, love and courage weave through all three of the Martian novels, inspiring a new generation of spiritual seekers while delighting a new generation of readers. THE BISHOP OF MARS, THE TAO OF MARS and THE MADONNA OF MARS are a trip into time and space that will feel as familiar as your own memories of love and your own dreams of tomorrow.