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The Madonna of Mars by Steven Charleston

The Medicine Wheel
Steven Charleston
´╗┐ISBN 978-0-9987549-2-4
192 pages

Available in print book and e-book:

THE MEDICINE WHEEL is a tool any person of any faith can use in a quest for spiritual self-discovery. For many years Steven has shared the visions he has received that have helped thousands of people with words of healing, enlightenment and support. Now he has drawn these visions together into an ancient design, the same design once used by his Native American ancestors, to answer the basic questions of human life. Using all of the meditations he wrote during the year 2017, Steven has found a way to use them in a new and profound way.

THE MEDICINE WHEEL is a GPS system for the sacred, a way to determine your location in life and map the course you will follow through time. This book is a visionary and mystical experience made accessible for any spiritual seeker to use. It can work for an individual or for more than one person at a time. This is a book to be treasured and used, over and over, as the great wheel of life continues to turn, as the search for meaning and direction go on. Open this book and step onto THE MEDICINE WHEEL. It is a journey you will long remember.

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Excerpt from The Medicine Wheel:

If I ask you to step onto the Medicine Wheel with me by saying that we are going to do that through the portal of mystery, what am I actually asking you to do?

Ironically, I am asking you to find your sacred coordinates in time and space by giving up all sense of equilibrium, free-floating into a time and place that seem void and directionless. In a sense, I am saying that to find your footing you need to lose your footing. You need to be weightless. And that, especially for those of us raised in the Western tradition of scientific thought, is uncomfortable at best and impossible at worst. We like to know where we are. We like to have the facts. We want the data. We need some coherent system to control what is happening. If that is taken away, we are left disoriented, uncertain and even suspicious or afraid.

Mysticism is mystery taken seriously. To step into that realm requires the willingness to ride the bike without training wheels. It is a risk. Reality will seem a little wobbly, a little out of control. What happens next will be uncertain. Our orientation to space and time will be hard to nail down.

My invitation to enter the Medicine Wheel, therefore, is an invitation to engage mysteries as though they were facts. If you are willing to let go, become spiritually weightless, and join me, then you will explore the idea that the Medicine Wheel is a great mystery which aligns us with reality in ways that seem beyond our own control, or manipulation, or even understanding. You will be taking the risk of entering into the world of vision.