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The TAO of Mars by Steven Charleston

The TAO of Mars
Steven Charleston
ISBN 978-0-9851419-8-1
202 pages

Available in print book and e-book:

The TAO of Mars is the second book in the Martian Trilogy by Steven Charleston. The novels are what he calls "spiritual science fiction". They are inter-related novels of people from all traditions who live and work together through extraordinary circumstances. If you are someone, or if you know someone, who enjoys spirituality delivered in story form, these are the books for you.

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Excerpt from The TAO of Mars:

Suddenly, I felt the chill of the Martian night run up my spine. I pulled the thermal bag closer around me and watched Digby’s turquoise eyes flicker in the lantern light as he leaned forward to speak in a quiet voice. “Now you can say I’m crazy. I don’t mind. Because maybe I am crazy, made crazy by my childhood in the mines, but I am here to tell you that Mars is alive. And I mean that just like I say it. Mars is alive. Not just one little piece of it, not just one little bit of it, but the whole thing, the whole planet. Mars is not a dead world. It is not barren and empty. It did not cease to live when its oceans dried up and its air blew away into empty space. No, it went to sleep, but it was still breathing. It is still breathing. And if you listen carefully enough, you will hear it. You will hear Mars living all around you.


The second book in the Martian trilogy by Steven Charleston, THE TAO OF MARS continues the story of the human beings who are transforming Mars, not only physically, but spiritually. Dr. Wu, a Chinese sage, is forced to cope with an invasion from Earth as jealous empires struggle over alien artifacts discovered beneath the deserts of Mars. As mysterious acts of terrorism threaten to destroy Martian society, Dr. Wu is asked to take part in a desperate gamble to save a friend while fighting new revelations that could end his own life.

THE TAO OF MARS is a novel of mysticism, transformation and the human soul. It is a story of how everyday people can do extraordinary things when touched by the strange and magical power of the Tao, the hidden force that connects us to all of life, even to life on distant worlds.

If you have a friend or loved one who would never buy a book on theology and who thinks they are “spiritual but not religious”, then Steven’s novels are the perfect gift. Tucked away between the pages of these fast paced adventures are themes of hope, faith, and diversity. The people of Mars come from many different backgrounds and traditions, but they live with courage and compassion as members of one community. They may be fictional characters, but their story is a healing vision for our own time.