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Turn To The Wild Wind by Steven Charleston

Turn To The Wild Wind
Steven Charleston
ISBN 978-0-9851419-9-8
157 pages

Available in print book and e-book:

If you would like to read examples of the kinds of meditations you will find in HOPE AS OLD AS FIRE, CLOUD WALKING, CLIMBING STAIRS OF SUNLIGHT, ARROWS OF LIGHT, and TURN TO THE WILD WIND, SANCTUARY OF THE SPIRIT please join the author, Steven Charleston, in his Facebook community. He began writing a daily meditation five years ago and they are the source for his best selling books.

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Excerpt from Turn To The Wild Wind:

"Have the courage of the common believer, not the great sage or mystic, but that of the woman or man who wakes up each day determined to try to live the life of faith. Find your strength in the simple wisdom that this choice did not come to you without reason. You are one among so many who feel there is something out there, some purpose to the patterns of being, some conscious thought behind the flight of the endless stars. You are known. You are cared for. When times are hard or decisions difficult, remember these things and breathe in the assurance of what you believe, the affirmation of who you are."


Is it possible for people from different cultures, religions, political parties and ethical commitments to come together into one community and remain there despite all of their differences? Is it possible for global networks like Facebook to unite people in a deep sense of shared spirituality? Can a handful of words written spontaneously each day become a source of blessing and healing for thousands of people around the world?

This book gives a simple answer: yes. TURN TO THE WILD WIND is the fifth collection of daily meditations by Native American elder, Steven Charleston. They are his spiritual diary, messages of mercy, written for people of all faith traditions. Posted each day on Facebook, they have become a catalyst for a growing and diverse community based on mutual respect, kindness and the search for meaning. This book, therefore, like the ones before it is an invitation. It welcomes you to join a journey of hope with a people of compassion.

In 2015 the author received a word in his heart to stop writing. Without knowing why, or if he would ever write again, he informed the 10,000 members of his community that he would have to cease writing his daily meditations. He was obedient to what he believed was a sacred voice. He stopped writing and began an inner journey of deep reflection and prayer.

The uplifting discovery he made has opened his vision up to an even more inclusive blessing for persons of every walk of life. This book tells that story and offers that invitation.