Meet Steven Charleston, author of spiritual resource for persons of all faith traditions with a mission to offer inspiration, support and encouragement to all those who seek to walk a sacred path through daily life.

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ON THE BOOKSHELF...Stevens unique writings in two exciting ways!

Steven Charleston’s books of meditations have become something of a global phenomenon. They come from the daily writings he does each day for the thousands of people who follow him on Facebook. As members of this growing community share his words with others, his messages reach out to countless numbers of people from every spiritual tradition and from every culture. They speak a universal language of hope and healing. They are bringing people together in an age when community is needed more than ever before.

The Medicine Wheel by Steven Chareleston, 2018

THE MEDICINE WHEEL, one of several meditation books, is a tool any person of any faith can use in a quest for spiritual self-discovery. For many years Steven has shared the visions he has received that have helped thousands of people with words of healing, enlightenment and support.

Now he has drawn these visions together into an ancient design, the same design once used by his Native American ancestors, to answer the basic questions of human life. Using all of the meditations he wrote during the year 2017, Steven has found a way to use them in a new and profound way. more

Steven's novels, his famous Martian Trilogy, are more than science fiction. They are spirituality in story form. This spirituality is brought to life in unforgettable characters living in the future we are creating for ourselves today. The deep themes of faith, love and courage weave through all three of the Martian novels, inspiring a new generation of spiritual seekers while delighting a new generation of readers. THE BISHOP OF MARS, THE TAO OF MARS and THE MADONNA OF MARS are a trip into time and space that will feel as familiar as your own memories of love and your own dreams of tomorrow. BUY S BOOKS


Posters made by fans. Thank you to Suzanne Charleston, Connie Jean Hanna, Elizabeth Ragona, Rachel Webster Hillis, Jeff Spencer, and Carrie Craig and many more!

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Faith communities across the nation have used Steven's books for special events. They are excellent resources for Adult Education classes, Lenten study series, spiritual retreats, and new member outreach. They have been used in schools, hospitals and prisons. If your community is using our books in any way, please let us know! Send us information and photographs and we will be happy to share your creativity with others! And, if you would like to extend an invitation to Bishop Charleston, please contact us at the Red Moon email address.

We are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to EMAIL us!

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