Faith communities across the nation have used Steven's books for special events. They are excellent resources for Adult Education classes, Lenten study series, spiritual retreats, and new member outreach. They have been used in schools, hospitals and prisons. If your community is using our books in any way, please let us know! Send us information and photographs and we will be happy to share your creativity with others! And, if you would like to extend an invitation to Bishop Charleston, please contact us at the Red Moon email address.

We are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to EMAIL us!


January 24, 2014




Charleston is a Trinity College Alumnus, Social Activist and Former College Chaplain

HARTFORD, CT, January 24, 2014 – The warmth emanating from the Interfaith House on Allen Place Thursday evening couldn’t have presented a starker contrast to the bitter cold raging outside. Heartfelt accolades and remembrances – from students, faculty and staff – poured forth as the College’s gathering place for spiritual life was dedicated in honor of the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, who graduated from Trinity in 1971, received an honorary degree in 1992 and served as College Chaplain from 1996 to 1999.

Henceforth, the building at 155 Allen Place will be known as The Charleston House of Interfaith Cooperation or, in shorthand, The Charleston. College Chaplain Allison Read, who served as host for the festivities, humorously noted that, upon hearing who the Interfaith House was being named after, a colleague quipped: “Oh good. We’re getting a bishop and a dance.”



Newsletter Reflections

The Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost - Are You a Seeker Too?

Sometimes, on a spiritual path, it is more fun to walk beside a seeker than a true believer. I have no quarrel with those who are certain they know exactly where they are going on the path of faith, but often their questions are few and their stories familiar. It is when you listen to the seeker's vision that things can come alive. Questions and doubts, longing and hopes, experiences both difficult and transcendent: it sounds very honest to me. And very human. If you are a seeker, I will be proud to walk beside you, discovering life as we go.
Steven Charleston

I discovered these words through Facebook and experienced a deep resonance of truth. Mr. Charleston gave permission to use them here.
Rachel Roby

The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston is a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. He was the national director for Native American ministries in the Episcopal Church, the Bishop of Alaska, and the President and Dean of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Currently he teaches at the Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University. You can read more about and by him by visiting https://redmoonpublications.com, an independent publisher of spiritual resources for all who seek to walk a sacred path through daily life.




Steve Charleston at Convention

"The following list of "Ten reasons you know you go to the right church" are a brief reflection by The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, who served as my seminary dean during my years at Episcopal Divinity School.

Bishop Charleston posts beautiful reflections on his facebook page, and is often, inspiring and challenging me to remember who I am, as well as who I am in the eyes of God -- Beloved.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, his list made me refelct on my hope that you are thankful for the worship, community and caring you find with Canterbury Downtown. May your hearts be thankful, and your spirits thirsty for a way to live your lives in response to the love that God has for you, and for all those around you. May Canterbury Downtown be a place you come to express that thanks and quench that thirst."

Chaplain Mary Cat Young+


Beautiful Reflection with Bishop Charleston's Meditation at the Episcopal Cafe Blog

C. Robin Janning has selected "Lorraine's Backyard" by Julie Christian Bender to accompany a meditation from Bishop Charleston's Hope As Old As Fire, 2011 posted on the Art Blog at the "Episcopal Cafe". Please click image for larger view.

C. Robin Janning


Bishop Charleston's Meditations Become Parish Gift

Here is an email from our friends in Maine where a meditation in Hope As Old As Fire has inspired a creative use of Bishop Charleston's meditations:


Here is the bookmark using one of your meditations. These were distributed yesterday during the service at Trinity Episcopal Church, Castine. Yesterday was our annual meeting. My sermon used the lessons as a lens for reflecting on how the Spirit gathers us and how the Spirit is leading us. I offered your meditation at the end of the sermon: " A meditation by Steve Charleston, while written as to an individual, expresses my sense of how the Spirit is guiding us as a faith community."

Again, many thanks for offering your meditations to others and for permission to use the meditation on a bookmark.



Article By Pat McCaughan

Episcopalians on prayer: ‘just pray’

‘God is not a gumball machine’

When drought conditions worried Oklahoma City environmental groups, Ferrella March and Bishop Steven Charleston organized a gathering to pray for rain. There was a downpour.



Steven Charleston lecture withWhole CreationOklahoma's faithful praying for the planet. . .
A group of people of all faiths has started an online community, called Whole Creation Community, dedicated to praying for the health of the planet.

Steven Charleston with Oklahoma's faithful praying for the planet: "One of the other ministries that I helped to create here on FB is called the Whole Creation Community. Here is a brief television report about it that aired yesterday. I thought it might inspire you to learn more about the WCC and support its style of environmental mission." LEARN ABOUT WCC


United State of Oklahoma City, Ok

Bishop Charleston "Let's Work Together"
The United State of Oklahoma
From the Waterfuture.tv Network:
Click on the link below to watch the shared video.
VIDEO: Bishop Steven Charleston: "Let's Work Together"


Sunshine Cathedral Lenten Reflection

Steve Charleston at Convention

with Bishop Steven Charleston & Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin
Click to listen to Bishop Steven Charleston's weekly Reflection:
Lent 1: February 14th, 2013
Lent 2: February 21th, 2013
Lent 3: February 28th, 2013
Lent 4: March 7th, 2013
Lent 5: March 14th, 2013
Lent 6: March 21th, 2013



In his meditation for September 14, 2012, Bishop Charleston wrote:
"When I began writing these thoughts in the hour of prayer before each dawn there were four others who were part of this circle with me. Soon there will be two thousand".

As he says in the opening pages of "Hope As Old As Fire", Bishop Charleston began writing his daily meditations on Facebook because he was not sure what else to share. That was at the end of January in 2011 after four friends urged him to come on the social network with them. From that moment on, litttle by little, person by person, others discovered his meditations and began to send him requests to join his Facebook community.

"I pause to give thanks," he writes in his September 14th meditation, "because it has only happened by word of mouth."

Many thanks to everyone who has shared the good news of "Hope As Old As Fire" and Bishop Charleston's healing words with others!

While there are now 2,000+ people who are part of the Facebook community, Bishop Charleston's message of hope has gone out to thousands more.

Thank you all for telling others and helping that to happen!

Hope As Ols As Fire


Bishop S Charleston book signing

Hawaii News - Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Bishop commits to reconciling faiths: Steven Charleston believes that Christianity can work within indigenous cultures
By Pat Gee

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, May 19, 2012

Episcopal Bishop Steven Charleston, a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Okla­homa, said he once struggled to reconcile his Christian faith with the culture of his Native American roots — a challenge with which some Native Hawaiians and other indigenous people can identify.

Charleston said in a recent interview that Christianity's "universal concepts of love and other teachings are acceptable to everyone on the planet. We can't let Jesus be put in a culture box and held prisoner or made hostage to any group of people. Any human being from any race or tradition can hear the voice of Jesus and recognize themselves in what he's saying."



At the historic Episcopal congregation in Palm Beach, Florida, Bethesda-By-The-Sea, a new BOOK CLUB has been formed to read and discuss Bishop Charleston's book.

We will be sharing pictures in the days to come as the club gets under way.

Could this be an idea for your parish or community? If so, please let us know and we will be glad to tell others!


NAGA - National altar Guild Association

Recommends "HOPE AS OLD AS FIRE"

"Those of you who know of the ministry of the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston will be pleased to learn of his spiritual diary Hope as Old as Fire, a compilation of meditations first posted for a year on Facebook before being published in this lovely volume (cover art by Suzanne Charleston).

Mary Lu Jarvis, former president of the National Altar Guild Association, sent this book to me while I was still in disbelief over the death of my daughter. I immediately turned to the entry that was written on one of those awful days when Dana lay in intensive care hooked up to life support:

“I live a borrowed life on loan from God…The One who loaned me this life will not forget. God will come to claim it, calling me by name, a borrowed life returned, redeemed by endless love.”

Through my tears, I searched for the entry on her birthday:

“I do not live the saintly life, far removed from mundane matters, but dwell down here with the dirty dishes…monthly bills, sneezing kids….I need help in my chore-filled life, grace my routine to renew, a God who always stays late, to help on the clean-up crew.”

Obviously, this book had been written for my own particular comfort, so I immediately searched out all the entries for dates of my other loved ones . . .

. . . Buy this book. Find a blessing on every page."

So concludes a wonderful review of "Hope As Old As Fire" written by Polly Marshall for the national newsletter of the Episcopal Church's Altar Guild Association.

"No one handles the language as beautifully as Bishop Charleston", says the review, "there is something rich in knwoing we are prayed for each morning by this bishop. He knows who we are."

You can read the full review at www.nationalaltarguildassociation.org And thank you to all the wonderful women and men of the altar guilds around the nation whose ministry is to support our worship of God in beauty and in holiness!

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