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Steven Charleston with Oklahoma's faithful praying for the planet: "One of the other ministries that I helped to create here on FB is called the Whole Creation Community. Here is a brief television report about it that aired yesterday. I thought it might inspire you to learn more about the WCC and support its style of environmental mission."

Steven Charleston shares the origins of the Whole Creation Community . . .

In 2011 I began a new environmental ministry called The Whole Creation Community. The name was inspired by St. Paul's image in Romans 8:22, "We know the whole creation has been groaning as if in the pangs of childbirth..." as it awaits the renewal offered by God. My vision was to use the media of social networking, Facebook, as a resource to invite people together who shared a belief that environmental stewardship is a spiritual priority. In doing so, I did not want to start an environmental advocacy organization, since I thought there were so many already doing good work, but rather a spiritual community, an intentional community grounded in a Rule of Life. Working with Ms. Ferrella March from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, I drafted the basic points of that simple Rule: to pray daily for God's creation, to learn and teach about God's creation, to work locally to sustain God's creation. Those three commitments are the heart of the Whole Creation Community (WCC).
Today the WCC has grown to engage people from many faith communities. Members come from many different places, but they are all bound together by the Rule of Life, and connected to one another through Facebook. In keeping with that Rule, the WCC has begun to work locally to support environmental justice and sustainability. In Oklahoma, for example, the WCC is partnering with the Oklahoma Conference of Churches and the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts to address the intense drought that has impacted our state. We have launched a statewide call for "days of prayer for rain" that will bring people of all religious traditions together in a united effort to alert people to the need for cooperative water conservation and usage, and to invoke the blessings of God to renew our creation with life-giving rain.
To find out more, please visit the ECC page on Facebook. Join our community in daily prayer, education and awareness building, and in local action where you live!

Together, we can live as stewards of God's whole creation!

~ Steven Charleston

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